Graça Pereira Coutinho

(Lisbon, 1949) Lives and works in London

Graça Pereira Coutinho, took a sculpture degree at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts (ESBAL). In 1971, she receives a grant from The British Council and attends a post-graduation course at Central Martins School of Art.

The collection is a central concept to her work that results in the creation of immersive spaces or structured compositions revealing an autobiographical universe, feminine and associated with the natural world. The transitory aspect and essence of the objects, is crucial to her artistic universe. She works with sculpture, gestural painting, video and photography.

From a great number of exhibitions, we would like to mention, one of her most recent ones in 2015 “A outra mão”, Fundação Carmona e Costa, Lisbon, others were: Museu de Arte Sacra (Funchal, 2007), MAC (Badajoz, 2003), Lisbon City Museum (Lisbon, 2003), National History Museum (Rio de Janeiro, 2002), Centro Cultural Ecco-Brasília (Brasil, 2002), Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Lisbon, 1993), Museum of Contemporary Art in Osaka (1993), Todd Gallery (London, 1992), Centre of Modern Art Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, 1989), São Paulo Biennial (São Paulo, 1976), National Society of Fine Arts (Lisbon, 1975).

During her career the artist has worked with several Portuguese and British galleries, as Todd Gallery (London), Galeria Graça Fonseca (Lisbon), Cristina Guerra Gallery (Lisbon), Porta 33 Gallery (Funchal), João Esteves de Oliveira Gallery (Lisbon), among others.